2019 Readathon is happening NOW!!!  Collectively, in 2018 RVS read over 35,000 minutes during the contest and we hope encouraged many to read and foster their love of books!  Winners will be chosen in each grade level (PK-K, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8) first by the TOP 3 readers with the most minutes.

Need an extra Readathon Packet?

Prizes:   Amazon Gift Card 
$50 Amazon Gift Cards for 1st Place
$25 Amazon Gift Cards for 2nd & 3rd Place Readers

2018 Top 3 Readers

Top 3 K-2 Nolan Stone
Gianna Bentrovato
Ella Varner
Top 3 3-4 Aditya Saha
Jayden Trogani
Michael Cera
Top 3 5-6 Jack Eaton
Jonah Caso
Elena Mora
Top 3 7-8 Sarah Mufson

Random 3 Winners

Random K-2 Louie Brandt
Jack Wright
Gia LeDonne
Random 3-4 Christabella Leung
Riley Hunt
Sophie Rutt
Random 5-6 Emily Voloshin
Maggie Yotko
Callie Long
Random 7-8 NONE

Homeroom Prize

1) The class with the HIGHEST AVERAGE MINUTES PER STUDENT wins a FREE book for each student at the Scholastic Book Fair (up to $10 value per student)!
2)  The class with the BEST PARTICIPATION AMONG STUDENTS wins an Ice Cream Pass for each student!

Door Decorating Contest   – all of the Homerooms in the school competed in a literary themed door decorating contest.  One Homeroom in each of the K-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 grade levels get Soccer Battle Ball!

K-2: Mrs. Richardson

3-4:  Mrs. Esposito

5-6: Mrs. Kozas

7-8: Mr. Monaco

Six Flags Read to Succeed   – This program will award one FREE ticket to Six Flags Great Adventure for any Kindergarten through 6 th  grade student  who reads  6 HOURS OR MORE! 

2018 Notable Readers!

Homeroom Minutes by Student
Michael Manella
Jack Wright
Max Brandt
Jacob Brown
Austin Johnson
Gia LeDonne
Thomas SanFilippo
Charlie Jantzen
Louie Brandt
Nina DaRocha
Ella Varner
Daniel Morawska
Skylar Conde
Gabriela Caswell
Gianna Bentrovato
Evelyn Zunino
Nolan Stone
Juliana Siti
Andre Kuchavik
Evan Mufson
Vance Fusco
Amira Aybek
Ethan Pang
Jayden Trogani
Aditya Saha
Christabella Leung
Riley Hunt
Sophie Rutt
Michael Cera
Ava Ananian
Vinny Cina
Trevor Zunino
Cate Conklin
Paul DeMarco
Alexandra Kuchavik
Adriana Pop
Elena Mora
Jack Eaton
Emily Voloshin
Maggie Yotko
Jonah Caso