The Boonton Township Education Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization that works to raise money to support exemplary education programs at Rockaway Valley School and Mountain Lakes High School.  We provide grants to our teachers at RVS & MLHS, as well as run the RVS 4Kids after school enrichment programs and the spring musical.

If you are interested in helping out, please email us at BTEFNJ@gmail.com or reach out to a board member!

Members of the Boonton Township Education Foundation

Leigh Hermey  -  President
Alison Beck    -  Vice President
Natalie Stoller  -  Secretary
Sarah Frederico - Treasurer
Alison Beck, Stephani Wright, Janie Wu, Renee Zaleski - 4Kids Programming
Linda Lentz - Volleyball
Renee Zaleski - Grants
Stephani Wright - Publicity & Membership
Leigh Hermey, Annie Ilic - Musical
Heather LeVar - Fundraising
Heather LeVar, Megan Johnson, Julie Sokol - Run Into Summer 5K