Grants To RVS & MLHS

Grants To Rockaway Valley School

and Mountain Lakes High School


The BTEF funds for programs, grants, and technology that provide an extraordinary educational experience for BT students and teachers!  If it is innovative and provides a positive impact on BT students, we will do our best to secure funding.

We have funded high school physics tables, 3D printers, DSLR cameras, 8th grade class trips, middle school musicals, Volleyball teams, solar cars, visiting artists, "green screen" for broadcasting, books for libraries, playgrounds, middle school laptops, Kindergarten Ipads, and so much more.  We also supplement our 4KIDS programs, which are only $50 per class, so this extraordinary education is affordable to every family in the township.

The BTEF is excited by the prospect of pushing the envelope in education and rewarding our teachers with tools they need to have a "forever" impact on the students of Boonton Township.  If you feel the same, please consider joining the cause!  Support the BTEF today!